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Best Future-Oriented Jobs

If you’re about to start college, a career that you’ll get with your degree might be the last thing on your mind. However,  the job-market for recent college graduates is still less than ideal. It is important to remember that your education helps prepare you for a career, and certain sectors are in better shape than others. The better off sectors have more jobs, better-paying jobs, and potentially. Knowing what you want to do after you graduate can help you make better informed academic decisions to achieve your goals.

So below is a list of jobs on the rise for the next few years that require at least an associate’s degree. Hopefully you see something that suits your interests and your needs for a fulfilling career!

Registered Nurses

A registered nurse assists doctors in their goals of treating patients. The job requires at least an Associates degree, and pays $66,000 a year. Although this is an incredibly difficult career, it is a cost-effective one, and the field has experienced a 26% increase in growth.

Postsecondary Teachers

Postsecondary teachers have earned their Masters, PhDs, MBAs, or the like to teach students like yourselves in a university setting. Although it is an expensive and arduous process to become a postsecondary teacher, the academic world has grown approximately 17%, and jobs are beginning to pop up. If your passion is to teach, you might want to keep further education in mind.

Data Scientist

A data scientist deals with large data sets, works to uncover trends to optimize websites, and analyzes data to prevent future problems. According to Norman Nie, CEO of Revolution Analytics, data science jobs will require workers with a spectrum of skills, from entry-level data cleaners to the high-level statisticians, yielding a range of opportunities for newcomers to the field.” A data scientist requires at least a Bachelors degree.

If you are not pursuing an undergraduate degree, then here are some jobs that require a high school degree or less!

Office Clerks

An office clerk does need a high school degree, and is paid approximately $24,000 a year. He or she is involved with administrative tasks in an office, such as filing and record keeping.

Personal Care Aide

This career of helping take care of the elderly and the hurt pays approximately $23,000 a year. A personal care aide does not need to have a high school diploma, and he or she is involved with light cleaning, cooking, and engaging with clients.

Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers

The transportation industry is booming, and it has experienced a 34% growth in the past year. A driver requires a high school degree or its equivalent, and can earn $51,000 a year. 

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