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Market Analyst Resume Templates – Examples & Tips

So, you wanted to check out some examples of Market Analyst Resume? Maybe even learn how to write one yourself? Well, keep on reading! ResumeShoppe.com is the place to be.

You feel you’re an awesome Market Analyst. There is a song of stats and market trends that only you can hear and teach to the world of business. Everybody said so and your mom is very proud!

Sorry to have to tell you this, but you are not the only one. There are many special bursts of marketing analysis out there. All trying to catch the attention of the hiring people.

But people hiring market analysts are busy. And they are quick.

On average, you’ve got 7.4 seconds to convince them to keep on reading or your resume is toast. That’s how much time a recruiter spends scanning a CV – 7.4 seconds.

That’s why your resume needs to stand out.

Your resume needs to be easy to read visually and easy to understand.

And it needs to show-case your Market Analyst skills in the best possible light.

So, buckle up, Market Analyst hopeful, and continue reading.

You Will:

  • Get some of the best custom-made templates for Market Analyst Resumes from anywhere around the web.
  • Pick up tips on how to compose a stellar resume that will get you more interviews.
  • Learn how to write an awesome intro to catch the eye of any recruiter.
  • See how to choose, organize and present your skills, experiences, and education.

What should your Market Analyst Resume look like?

For a quick answer, here are a few awesome tailored templates that can be used for a Market Analyst Job.


The Debbie Resume

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The Natalie Resume

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The Megan Resume

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The Emma Resume

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The Alexa Resume

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  • The Debbie Resume

    • Contents: Word and Apple Pages files, the used font and instructions
    • SUPER easy to edit
    • For MS Word, Apple Pages and Word for Mac
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  • Sophie Gonzales Resume

    • For both Microsoft Word and Word for Mac
    • Instant download
    • Customize everything
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  • The Natalie Resume

    • Contents: Word and Pages files, the used font and instructions
    • For Microsoft Word, Word for Mac and Apple Pages
    • Files are immediately sent by e-mail after payment
    • Fully editable

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  • The Megan Resume

    • Contents: Word and Apple Pages files, the used font and instructions
    • Fully editable. Change colors and blocks
    • For Microsoft Word, Word for Mac and Apple Pages
    • Files are sent by e-mail after payment

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  • The Emma Resume

    • Contents: Word and Apple Pages files, the used font and instructions
    • Fully customizable. No design skills needed!
    • For MS Word, Word for Mac and Apple Pages
    • Files are sent by e-mail after payment

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  • The Alexa Resume

    • Contents: 2 Word files, 1 for 1-page resumes and 1 for 2-pagers
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    • For MS Word, Word for Mac and Apple Pages
    • Files are sent to you by e-mail

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Otherwise, stay tuned.

A big part of a Market Analyst position a good presentation – knowing how to frame and present information and to whom.

So know your audience.

Make it easy for your hiring manager to both know you and to like you. And let them know how you can benefit their company.

Your Market Analyst resume should be clean.

Market Analyst Resume Templates

This means that it should not be over-encumbered with information. You worked as a dishwasher in high school, where you learned how to juggle plates – awesome! But this is not something that is relevant for the position that you are applying to.

Study the job listing. Find the keywords in the job listing. Choose wisely.

Your Market Analyst resume should be visually pleasing and easy to read.

This does not mean that is should be sparkly and glittery or written on a billboard. I mean, it can be, but is neither necessary or advised. There are some positions that welcome this kind of gimmicky job application, but Marketing Analyst is not one of them.

What it does mean, is that the recruiter should not struggle to read your resume. Sections should be clearly indicated with headings. Fonts legible and just the right size. White spaces sufficient to make it obvious what belongs where and to make breaks in the text.

Your Market Analyst Resume should be saved as .pdf. They are cleaner, more professional and cannot be edited easily.

Resume format for a Market Analyst

Choosing the resume format can sometimes make or break your job application.

In general, the recruiters prefer to see your work experience and skills, while also being informed about your education and achievements.

So, what to do? There are no set rules here to follow, and it all depends on the level of your experience and skills.

The best practice is to showcase your strongest points that best fit the job requirements.

There are three different resume formats to choose from:

  1. Reverse-Chronological Resume – These are generally well-loved by hiring managers. They are easy to follow and the recruiters are used to them, so they can be scanned quickly. In this resume, the work-experiences are listed in the reverse-chronological order. Start with the last relevant work-experience and go from there. These are best for looking for a job in an industry where you already have a lot of experience.
  2. Functional Resume – These showcase your skill and achievements before your experience. These might be a good option for somebody with a portfolio and tool-belt bigger than their actual provable work-experience.
  3. Combination Resume or Hybrid Resume – This are good for showcasing both your skills and your work experience. And they are usually best for highly specialized positions and senior candidates who want to show both what they can do and where they did it.

You can find custom-made templates for each resume type in our templates shop. Or if you can check out our templates for Mac users if you have the preference for Apple Pages.

Introducing yourself with Contact info & Resume Summary/Objective

The very first thing that a hiring agent will and should get to read is the very short blurb at the top of your resume.

These few sentences at the top of the Resume page should quickly summarize your skills.

If you are an experienced Market Analyst, it should also probably include the work experience or an achievement that is the most relevant for the desired position.

If you are just starting out, either your work life or as a Market Analyst, you should describe how your specific skills will benefit the potential employer. Make them fit the job-listing. Show them you are the person they are looking for, even without the formal experience.

Another thing that should be very easy to find on any page of Resume is your contact info.

Make yourself available and reachable, but don’t overwhelm the recruiter.

Name, phone number, and an email address are the way to go.

But do make sure that the info is correct and that your email address is professional-looking.

Tip: If you have a two-page resume or a resume and a cover letter, include your contact info on both the pages.

Describing your Experience as a Market Analyst

So, we’ve already established that working as dishwasher in a local restaurant during high school is not a relevant work-experience for a Market Analyst.

But what if you managed to save 25% in food supply by monitoring the Chicken Parmesan Nachos that got thrown away and suggesting the management to adjust the portions?

Well, that one is much more relevant. If it’s the only experience that you’ve had with Market and Analysis, by all means, include it.

But if not and you’ve had 20 years of relevant experience since, it is a nice anecdote, but you should really start with your last position and responsibilities. And list only the ones that best fit the requirements of the job you are looking for.

Make sure to showcase your achievements and tasks in a way that would make them the most relevant for the Market Analyst that the company is looking for. Tailor your resume. Make them see why you are the best person for the job.

For Experience Section bonus points, try using action words that would make it stand out, such as: advocated, collaborated, consulted, improved, handled, increased.. etc.

Is your Education Section good enough?

While having an MBA in computer science or market analysis is maybe a bonus when it comes to higher managerial positions, it is no way necessary to become or work as a Market Analyst.

If you don’t have a degree, building experience will open doors for you.

If you do, starting might be easier and it’s definitely something to be proud of.

In any case, formal Education and any additional Awards and Certificates are something that you should present in the best possible light.

You can display your University, Degree Type and Major and any standouts that you’ve achieved during your education.

Even if you don’t have a degree, the education section should be included, but with the emphasis on your passions, interests, and achievements.

Show off your Skills in the best possible way

Every well-written job advert indicates the skills that the employer is looking for in their future candidates.

The not-so-well-written ones also hold some clues, even if it’s just a link to the company website.

Click on it, find the team section and get the info that you can use.

Find the keywords. Pepper them out all over the resume.

They will make the recruiter love you.

This is probably the best way to show that you possess the soft and technical skills (link?) required for the Market Analyst:

  • Confidence to go in front of strangers, managers and larger groups of people and present your findings.
  • Multitasking ability, so that you can juggle multiple projects at the same time.
  • Interpersonal skills so that you can work with any team member, client or vendor.
  • Independence so that I you can go away in your cubicle and analyze stuff, research stuff, crunch numbers and make presentations without anyone having to tell you to do so.
  • Analytical and math skills so that you can analyze and understand the data.
  • Computer skills with various relevant software and databases, such as SQL, SPSS, PowerPoint, Tabulae, etc.

There are many more, but every employer will tell let you know what exactly they need. It is up to you to show them that you can do it.

Final words

Writing a good Market Analyst resume is not hard, but it does take some time and for the best results you will have to keep in mind your potential employer and the kind of person and the worker they are looking for. Make it easy for the recruiter, show your best qualities and achievements, use the action words that stand out and emphasize your resume in all the right places.

Make sure to check out our Resume Templates Shop and Apple Pages Templates sections for some snazzy custom Resume Templates to get the creative juices flowing and make the hiring manager pause and take notice.