Choose: Select a resume template that suits your style from our collection. We have a wide variety of resume templates for Mac to choose from, and finding the one that suits you is easy-peasy. Going for a creative Marketing position? Pick one of our colorful designs that will give your resume lots of flair. Looking for a job in Finance? You might be better off with one of our black-and-white templates.

All of our resumes and cover letter templates are compatible with Mac. A good bunch of them also have an Apple Pages version included. Just check the download pages to see which one have an Apple Pages template included.

Download: After picking a resume template you like, check out and download a zip file. Edit the included docx or Pages files on your Mac computer.

Send Out: Finish your resume and send it to your dream company via PDF or printed version. Patiently wait for the recruiter or HR Manager whom you have impressed to call you.

Now go ace that interview!

I have never made a resume before. Will these templates help me?

Yes. If you are coming out of high school or college, you may be feeling apprehensive about creating your first resume. The good news is that you do not have to start with a blank Pages or Word for Mac document!

Browse through the resumes available at Resume Shoppe and you’ll get a good sense for the major categories that are included in a resume.

Most resumes are a single page, include personal information, education details, work experience and skills, as well as hobbies or extracurricular activities. The length of each section will depend on your personal work and education history, along with the industry to which you are applying.

For instance, some companies will care more about your work and internship experience, while others are more curious about your education history and the subjects you studied.

How are these Pages or Word for Mac templates better than resume builders?

It is tempting to think of resume builders and resume makers as a better option. But most are inferior products that end up costing more money than needed.

Resume makers are very rigid in how they work. You get a template and you must be 100 percent happy with how it looks. You can adjust the text to ensure the resume is 100 percent yours. But you cannot tweak the font type, font size, bold/italics, colors or any other features of the template.

With resumes that are in the Pages or Word for Mac format, you open up the file in your word processor of choice and begin editing. Since these programs are so easy to use, anyone with basic computer knowledge can tweak the resume and personalize it so it conveys the image you want to project to prospective employers.

Then you can save the resume as a Pages or Word document – or a PDF. These are the formats of choice when sending resumes on job sites and through email.


Our design team carefully crafts each template and makes sure it’s compatible with all different versions of Word. Of course you could look around the web and free resume templates but a) you’ll be one of the many people who use the design and b) these docs are usually hard to edit. Wouldn’t you rather pay less than 10 bucks for a well-designed template that makes you stand out and can land you the job you want?


Of course! We can’t fill out your resume or cover letter template for you but we will not leave you hanging if you run into problems. Send us an e-mail and we’ll be there for you.


We have certified resume writers who can do the hard work for you for very affordable prices. Contact us and mention you would like to have your resume written by us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I choose the resume format for Pages or Word on Mac?

We have many resume options available for our customers. A quick glance at the Resume Shoppe store will show 33 different resume options available for purchase. All of these resumes are available in Word, which can be opened on Windows and Mac machines. Most of them are also available in Apple Pages, which is the default Mac word processing client.

The beauty of our resume selection is that you can find the template that is perfect for your needs. Some hold more information than others. Most are a single page, while a few are multiple pages. The sample images show how much information is held on the resume, and how that information is sectioned for better aesthetics.

Those who wish to submit their resume in PDF format simply need to save their edited Word or Pages file as a PDF. These files can be printed, sent online as Pages or Word documents, or sent online as PDFs.

How do I know if I need a CV or resume when applying for a job?

Knowing whether to submit a CV or a resume can be a major dilemma for job applicants. If you are applying for an industrial, healthcare, business, commercial or service-industry job in the United States, you are going to need a resume. These fields prefer resumes that are a single page and only contain the most relevant details about an applicant to the job in question.

Those who are applying for academic positions, fellowships or grants in the U.S. will need a CV. These jobs want full details about the history of an applicant, which is where a CV shines. Since CVs are more than one page, they can include a lot more information than a resume.

If you are applying for a job outside the United States, it is a good idea to include a CV. Companies in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe and Asia will use CVs in all contexts, not resumes.


Stand out: Research has shown that on average recruiters look for 6 seconds at a resume, so you better make sure you catch their eye in the few seconds you have!

A standard format won’t cut it so you will need a creative yet professional document. Our resume templates will do the job for you, without you having to spend hours on designing your own.

Eye for Detail: Our team of designers spends a lot of time and effort in creating these resume templates to impress potential employers and recruiters. We use custom fonts for added special effects and included separate versions for A4 and US Letter.

Remember that you only have a small amount of time to make a lasting impression. We make sure you WOW them.

Compatible: All our resume templates are compatible with Word for Mac and most of them are editable with Apple Pages too. Just check the respective download pages to see which ones are.

If you don’t have Word, download a free trial version.

Is it possible to look at a resume sample that works with Pages or Word for Mac?

There is a free resume template designed for aspiring actors or models available for download right now. It is a free zip file that you can download which contains a PDF version of the final product and a Word document that will open in Word for Mac. Regardless of what type of employment you’re seeking, by downloading this sample you will get a good sense of how easy these templates are to use.

Unfortunately, we do not have a free sample on Resume Shoppe that is available in the Pages format. However, anyone who is interested in our high end and customizable resumes can look at the detailed pictures on the resume pages.

Every resume on the site has a distinct product page, where detailed information about the resume is available. There are also multiple pictures of the different resumes, which can be seen in more detail through the zoom function. It will give you a very good idea about how much information is contained on the resume, how the formatting works, and the overall aesthetic.

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