We can explain this very simple. You pick one of the Word designs from our shop, download it, swap the sample info with your own and send out your bright and shiny new resume! For those of you looking for more details, read on for the lengthier version of the 3 steps.

Step 1

Pick a template from our collection that reflects your style and the position you are applying for. For positions in creative industries we recommend to choose a more graphical format like the Isabella resume to stand out from the other applicants, who will probably also send in more visually appealing resumes compared to more traditional industries.

When you apply for a position in banking or other industry that requires a more sober CV, we recommend picking a template with less visuals like the Steven resume. This template is unassuming but still makes you stand out by adding that fine touch with subtle details. Don’t forget to order a matching cover letter.

Step 2

Download it. We’ve tried to make this process as simple as possible so that you can focus on the writing of your resume. Just add the template(s) you like to the cart and checkout with Paypal or Creditcard. If you don’t want to do the writing yourself, consider our resume writing add-on. Our team of highly-qualified writers will then do the job for you.

Be careful when looking for free resume templates. We know it’s tempting, but the free samples are usually poorly-formatted and have the added disadvantage that most are downloaded tens of thousands of times. Do you really think you can stand out with a free CV format?
Our carefully crafted resumes are dirt-cheap anyways and affordable for anyone. For the people who are spending their money on beer and pizza’s – we are talking to you, students – we came up with a free resume option.

Step 3

Send out. Here we can’t help you. We did most of the legwork for you, so now go send out that fancy new resume of yours.
No more excuses!


Why choose Resumeshoppe?
Where other shops take a design and convert it to a Microsoft Word resume template, we designed in Word itself. You’ll notice this in the details and will have no formatting errors.

Why using Word templates?
If you do a Google search you come across many (free) resume builders and other deluxe applications. We have tested them all and the results have always been disappointing. Plus despite the promises, they are actually never really free.

But why not use Photoshop or Indesign? Of course you can get beautiful results with these software programs but 95% of the people don’t really know how to use them. Moreover, many companies and recruitment agencies require you to upload your resume in Word of PDF format.

What if I’m having problems formatting my template?
Our templates are super simple to use and come in both Microsoft Word and Word for Mac formats, but if you need help we are here for you of course.

Some of our resumes require installing a custom font. Instructions for this are included but it’s actually just a matter of right-click and choosing ‘Install’.

Are there any sample Word documents available?

Yes, we have one sample resume that is in the Word format available for download. It is an acting resume document that can be customized to your needs. The zip file is free and you can download it directly from Resume Shoppe, with no strings attached.

There is a PDF file that shows how the resume will look when you send it to someone in that format, while there is also a DOCX file that you can open in Microsoft Word.

For our other popular resumes, such as The Shane Resume or Joanna Baker Resume, we have detailed and high quality images of how the resume looks. While you cannot download and customize the resume for free, you can look at the picture through your browser in extensive detail.

You can see all the different sections of the resume, the formatting and how much information it can hold.

How will I know what information to add to the Word template?

The beauty of our resume Word templates is that you can use them as a content guide and you can customize them to your liking. You can tweak the font style and size, color scheme and other details.

When it comes to choosing and filling out the template, it is entirely up to you. We recommend that you research the industry where you are applying for a job. Say you want to work as an investment banker. Research investment banking and get a sense for what these banks are seeking when they recruit people from college, graduate school or other companies.

Then make a list of your work experience, education history, activities, notable awards or achievements, skills and other relevant information. Decide what details are most relevant to the job you are seeking. Now you have the tools and information to select and fill out the resume template that is best suited to making a good first impression on hiring managers in your chosen field.

When you are done, save the resume as a Word document and/or PDF. Then you can print it out, post it on a job recruiting site or email it to a company’s HR department.

How many resume formats are available as Word templates?

Every resume that is up for sale on Resume Shoppe is available in Word format. These resumes open in Word on Windows computers and Macs. It is possible to change the colors, text and other details within the resume when you open it as a Word document.

The reason why we chose Word as the primary tool for offering customizable resumes is because of the simplicity. It is possible to offer modern and innovative resume designs that are very easy to customize. You do not need any technical knowledge to edit a Word-based resume file.

Plus these documents can be saved or printed in different ways. It is possible to directly save the Word file and send it to someone online. It can also be printed out through Word. Users can also “save as” a PDF to put the resume in that format. PDFs can be sent online and printed too.

Should I create a CV, resume or both?

The answer depends on where you live and the type of job you are seeking.

If you live in the United States and you want a job in an academic field, or you are applying for a scholarship/fellowship/grant, then you will need a CV. If applying for any other type of job, such as a finance or healthcare job, then you will need a resume.

The basic difference between the two is that a resume is a single page and only contains details that are directly relevant to the job you are applying for. A CV is a detailed, multi-page document that will highlight every aspect of your education, work and “extracurricular activities” history.

Those who live in other parts of the world, or are applying for jobs in those countries, will need a CV. Areas such as the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia rely on CVs for all types of jobs, not resumes.

Are your Word templates more useful than online resume makers?

Yes. At Resume Shoppe, we are very proud of the selection of Word documents we offer. These customizable resumes are available to download for modest prices, come in many different color and structural schemes, and are a piece of cake to manipulate.

Want to tweak the font in one of our templates so you can fit in more information? It will take you less than 30 seconds. You can even change the color scheme to something that fits your personality. These are the types of changes you cannot make on resume builder templates.

The final reason to go with Word templates is because it is the format that most job recruiters and companies want. They will ask for your resume in DOCX or PDF format. Word documents save as DOCX by default, while you can also save the edited and tweaked resume as a PDF directly from Microsoft Word.

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