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Creative Director Resume Templates

In the sea of rock-stars, you want to rock the hardest and shine the brightest and landing a job as Creative Director would make you the monarch of that ocean. But, composing a perfect Creative Director resume can seem like a daunting task.

Expectations are high, for ideas, for creativity, for the past experiences, and for the skills, and it can be overwhelming in a pinch.

Even if you feel like you would be a perfect fit for that perfect Creative Director position, it’s different when it’s about us and this is at stake. Right?

Well, no. And let me tell you why.

As with any project, Creative or otherwise, the research is necessary.

Find out about the company, the position, the clients, and if possible, who will be the first person to look at your resume for a Creative Director’s position.

If the person looking at your resume is a senior Creative or Art Director, someone who has experience in the visual and the inventive, or they explicitly ask for it – by all means, go ahead with making your resume as creatively out there as possible. Go wild. Squeeze out every single drop of juice from your artistic orange.

But bear this in mind – only about 70% of all resumes are ever actually seen by a person. Most are first filtered out by an ATS software. Even then, the average time a hiring manager will look at a resume is 7.4 seconds.

So, should you be creative, choose and match fonts, illustrate, arrange and squeeze out the artistic orange until just the pulp remains.

But make sure to have a standard, prettier-than-most, textual resume included in your ball of uniqueness.

If not, you are risking not having your resume read at all if the ATS software cannot determine whether you have the skills required. And all ATS software is interested is text.

Keep on scrolling and we at ResumeShoppe will strive to hook you up with some amazing Creative Director resume templates in apple pages & word document to get you going.

These are some of the custom made Creative Director resumes that you can choose from:


James Dunn Resume

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The Abby Resume

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Resume Writing

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  • James Dunn Resume

    • This instant download contains a zip-file an editable resume in Microsoft Word.
    • Easy to customize
    • Microsoft Word
    • Apple pages
    • See below for complete description and additional information


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  • The Abby Resume

    • This instant download contains a zip-file an editable resume in Microsoft Word.
    • Easy to customize
    • Microsoft Word
    • Apple pages
    • See below for complete description and additional information


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  • Resume Writing

    • This instant download contains a zip-file an editable resume in Microsoft Word.
    • Easy to customize
    • Microsoft Word
    • Apple pages
    • See below for complete description and additional information


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You’re going to check out:

  • Some of the best pre-made resumes and examples of Creative Director resumes around.
  • How to be a whizz at deciding on the amount of creativity and individuality to apply in order to get the interview.
  • The format to choose in order to overcome the ATS software and the fact that in this day and age its usage is almost inevitable
  • Which skills and experiences to include into the final page.
Creative Director Resume Templates

What should a Creative Director resume look like?

You are the inventive type. You are the type to care about the type. You are the type to want their resume story to look just so.

One of the most important parts of being a Creative Director is creativity. It is right there in the title. It is, therefore, quite logical that you would want to flaunt your creativity, style, and pizzazz, wowing our audience, making them breathless with the desire to hire you. Easy!

Not quite. Let’s get some facts into the mix:

  • the world is large and there are a lot of people matching your creativity and experience
  • even though a lot of employers are looking for Creative Directors, the number of job openings is smaller than the number of hopefuls
  • there are even fewer hiring managers and recruiters, and their time is precious so they use tools and automation to help them out
  • the person doing the hiring is not always a Creative themselves

My advice? Start with the research.

Being systematic and doing the research can get you over the finish line in any situation.

Find out about the company, the position, the clients, and if possible, who will be the first person to look at your resume for a Creative Director’s position, and go from there.

If you feel that it will fit the position and company you are applying to and that the person doing the selection will appreciate it, you should absolutely do your thing and flex those uniquely creative muscled.

But as mentioned earlier, be sure to cover all possibilities and include a text version as well. Check out our selection of some cool custom-made Creative Director Resumes above.

The ever-present question of the format and what to choose for a Creative Director Resume

Broadly speaking, there are three main types of resume formats to choose from, each one good for a particular purpose, the message a job-seeker is trying to convey, or the position they are apply for.

Let’s begin at the beginning.

Who are the people who become Creative Directors? Usually and in all situations where the rules of the universe are followed, a person will not just magically wake up into being an awesomely effective and brilliant Creative Director with the skills to back them up.

They will have years of experience with different creative projects, clients, tools, interactions, teams and positions.

We can, therefore, safely assume that the most important to display on a Creative Director Resume is the skills set (soft and hard) that makes you perfect for the position as well as the experiences that lead to you becoming the virtuoso of creativity and positive managerial know-how’s that you are.

For that purpose, a Reverse-Chronological Resume or a Hybrid Resume formats should be the way to go.

And also, use .PDFs. PDFs are good. They cannot be changed and people love them. Unless the employer explicitly requests otherwise, you should really save your digital resume in the .PDF format.

About Me section, where Contact Info and Resume Summary live

Let’s imagine that you’ve managed to pass the ATS software phase and you have the chance to get the attention of the hiring manager. The next step is to grab that attention and do what you can to convince them to look no further. You also need to make yourself available to them and easy to get in touch with.

The contact info, with all the additional links that you want to include, should live in the Header. It can be at the top of the page or in a sidebar, but either way, this information is what a hiring manager should be able to find right away.

They need to know that you can easily be reached, so including your name as the most prominent item, phone number, and an email address is enough for that purpose.

You might also want to consider including your professional Linkedin or Instagram profiles and a personal website/portfolio if you have one. The employer might appreciate taking a look at the examples of your work or a more detailed work history, once your resume got the intrigued.

And you can do this by writing up a shining resume summary which will keep their attention beyond that initial 6-seconds-spark.

Don’t merely summarize what they will be reading in other sections of your resume – do better.

Include something unique about your professional experience, tell them some of your specific achievements and how you can help them improve. Make it short and make it so sweet they stick to it and continue on.

Experience and Skills

While education can be important to get your foot through the door, it is in no way enough to be an effective Creative Director. The fact is, Creative Directors, come from all types of formal education and creative history and the thing that they all have in common is that they are inventive, good bosses, and have a rich work history.

Someone might start as a copywriter, move on to website design with the added bonus of writing their own copy.

Then they expand their skills-set to include front-end development.

After that, they change companies, and suddenly they need to learn a bit of back end in order to better understand and manage expectations of both stakeholders and developers, and at the same time learn how to guide that conversation and get a reputation of being easy to work with.

And so on, and so on…

This, or something like it, was probably your path, and how you found yourself in the position of going after a Creative Director’s position.

So, show it off! Don’t be shy.

Write your relevant professional history in reverse-chronological order, name some of your duties and achievements. Show them even more how useful you can be.

Get into more detail about the tools that you’ve used and are comfortable with.

Then Education, Achievements and Certificates

Then get to Education. Emphasize your stronger selling points there.

  • Good GPA? Include it.
  • Clubs, Societies, Competitions, Projects, Teams? Yup, include them.
  • Experiences relevant to the position? You got it, include them!

Show yourself off in the best possible light.

And the same goes for other achievements and certificates. They can be a proof of professionalism and skill and just the thing to tip the balance and land you an interview.


It is not hard to write a good Creative Director resume. If you are in the position to go after a job like that, then you’ve already done all the hard work and gotten the experience. It’s just a matter of combining everything into a neat and irresistible package, that a hiring manager can sink their teeth in and take a bite of. Engage them into reading your and sticking to your story so much that they want to become a part of it.

In case you need a little boost towards getting the job your dreams, cast your eyes towards some fantastic creative resume templates. A lot of interesting stuff live in that section of the site just waiting to be plucked into their dream. Just like you.