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Download a Free Infographic Resume! [No Strings Attached]

Free Downloads

Just starting out as a fresh graduate with a design background? Check out this free turquoise-themed infographic resume that you can use to showcase your creativity to hiring managers and land your dream design career. What’s more? The free…

How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job in 2017 [7 Shortcuts]

Linkedin Tips

In the days of yore, long before we used Linkedin to find a job, you typed out a tidy little one page resume full of bold, largely unverifiable claims about your education, skillset and business acumen, dropped it…

Google anonymously posted math equations on billboards to entice job-searchers

News, Resume Tips

In 2004 Google had a problem, they needed more brainy engineers on their team. So what did they do? Instead of putting up an ad or 2 in the local newspaper they come up with a brilliant soultion. Google…

The #1 Trick that Google uses in salary negotations and what you can learn from it


For most people salary negotiations are like a blind date. You hope things go well, that your opposite number is attentive and that they give you something more than a polite handshake and “Let’s stay in touch” upon…

The Pros and Cons of Job-Hopping


Does the idea of staying at the same job for ten years or more make you flinch? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The opportunities of being in the very same job from the time you go into the…

7 Powerful Questions That Will Blow Away Your Interviewer

Resume Tips

When it comes to landing that dream job, having a well designed resume is good, but how you conduct yourself in the interview is just as crucial. Check out these 7 questions that will help blow away your…

The Truth About Lying on Resumes

Resume Tips

Trying to get a job is a daunting process, regardless of how qualified you might be. Sometimes you might be tempted to stretch the truth a little bit and it seems like you’re not alone. According to the…

Your Kickass Guide To A Marketable Resume [Infographic]

Resume Tips

When it comes to resumes, you need to try everything you can do to set yourself apart. If you have a kickass resume, you can be sure that when you apply for a job you will definitely get…

The wait is over, Mac users… The resume templates you’ve been waiting for are finally available


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – JUNE 1, 2016 After what has seemed like forever, Mac users have finally gotten their wish. The Resume Shoppe Microsoft Word compatible resume templates that PC users everywhere have been using for months have…

What to Include in a Cover Letter?

Resume Tips

Your cover letter is without a doubt one of the most important documents when you are applying for a job. It is actually more important than your resume in some regards. This is because it is your cover…

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