How can you help me?

We offer stunning creative resume template designs that are both unique and professional and will help increase your chances on finding the perfect job for you. Our cv’s are downloaded as .doc files which can be used with Microsoft Word. Our goal is to design creative resumes that remain simple and easy to edit, but are beautiful and professional at the same time. Simply download your favorite design and begin adding your experience.

We love creativity. That’s why every one of our resumes showcases some form of creativity to help you stand out from other applicants in your field. You don’t need to be in a creative field in order to use an eye catching design. Download your favorite Curriculum Vitae or cover letter in Word, modify it, and impress your future employer.

Are your products suited for mac?

Yes, all of our templates can be edited with Word for Mac. 2017 Update: Now all of our products include not only resume templates for Mac but also an Apple Pages version.

Do you carry any resume samples on the site?

We have a free acting resume template that is available for download in Word format. The resume is available for free with no strings attached. We also have a free infographic resume, which you can customize to your needs.

The rest of our resumes are available to purchase. The good news is that every product page has a series of detailed images of the resume, highlighting its format, style and other information. You can take a close look at the resume pictures to decide if the resume is ideal for your needs.

Our resumes are a lot more detailed and customized than free templates that you will find online. They stand out, ensuring that your resume will be instantly noticed when you are applying for a job.

The resumes available through the Resume Shoppe are compatible with Microsoft Word, Apple Pages and PDF formats.

How do I use these templates to write my resume?

The beauty of using one of our resume templates is that it makes the job of creating your first resume a lot easier. When you buy and download one of our templates, you will get a filled out version to help you understand what is required.

Then you can begin editing your own information. The top section of most resumes includes personal details such as your name, phone number, email address, physical address and/or website.

There will be a section for work experience, education, hobbies/activities and expertise. You can tweak these sections based on the type of job you are seeking. And you can add as much or as little information to each section as you desire.

If you still have some questions about how to create the ideal resume, check our Advice page here on You may also want to search online for resume tips for the industry where you want to work. For instance, healthcare resumes have different suggested requirements than finance resumes.

Why not use a free resume template?

Lots of job seekers go looking for a free cv template. Of course you can do that as well, but you want to stand out from other applicants, right? Most free files are ugly and generic and won’t do anything to help you land that dream job. For a small investment we offer you unique resume and cover letter templates. Imagine that Hiring Manager seeing your beautiful and professional Curriculum Vitae between a pile of boring old black and white layouts. Not only will he or she pick your resume to scan a little more thorough, but it will also be a great conversation starter with your interview to break the ice. This is actual feedback we received several times from clients!

Why do you offer only Word templates?

If you search for resume or cv templates online, there are a lot of options for Illustrator or Photoshop. We designed our templates in Word because a lot of you are not designers and don’t have these fancy programs. Everyone can use Word and we like to keep things simple, so there you go. Moreover, have a look at our cover letter and resume layouts and you’ll see that beautiful things can be made with Word.

Do you offer support?

Of course! We can’t do all the work for you but we will not leave you hanging if you run into problems. Send us an e-mail and we’ll be there for you.

Why should I use this instead of a resume builder?

Most resume builder programs that you will find online are very rigid. There is one template and it is not very easy to customize. You will end up with a professional resume, but it will be very boring. Your resume will look exactly the same as about ten or twenty other people who are applying for the same position.

When you use Word resumes from Resume Shoppe, you are getting much more quality and you have 100 percent control over the template. Want to change the color or font? It is one click away. Want to add more or less information to a section? It is easy to adjust.

Another reason why Word documents work best for resumes is because they are very easy to use. Almost everyone with a computer has access to Word or Pages. It does not require any special skills to navigate. You open up the file, edit the parts you want to tweak and save it as a word processing document or PDF.

How (and how soon) will my files be delivered?

Your files are available for download right away after payment as well as sent to you by e-mail.

I need my file in PDF format. How does that work?

Very easy. You edit our template in Word and under ‘file’ you click ‘save as pdf’ (more info). You need to have Acrobat from Adobe installed for this. If you don’t have this program and don’t want to install it you can just google for ‘word to pdf converter online’. You’ll find many free options to convert your Word document.

Is there more than one type of resume format available?

Yes. We understand that everyone uses different programs for editing and saving documents. It is why all our resumes for sale are available in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages format. It is possible to use these programs with Word on Windows machines, Word on Mac and Pages on Mac.

Those who want to convert their finished resume to the PDF format can easily “save as” a PDF when they are done editing. This functionality is available on Word and Pages. Then you can open up the PDF file to ensure that it looks exactly as you would prefer.

The reason why we prefer Word and Pages to any other resume format is because it is the most popular. These documents are very easy to edit, they are in a format that many job recruiters request, and they are easily convertible to PDFs.

What is the difference between a curriculum vitae and a resume?

Many people assume that curriculum vitae and resume are interchangeable. But it is not true. A curriculum vitae, or CV, is a document that is used to showcase the work history of an individual. CVs are very popular in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, but they are not used as commonly in the United States.

CVs are typically more than one page, as they highlight every aspect of a person’s history. They will include full details about schooling, internships, employment, charity work and other relevant information. Meanwhile, a resume is a one page document that only contains the most relevant details to the job application.

A CV is a standard document that is only edited when a person has more work experience to mention. Resumes are tweaked more often, as they are a single page and must only show the most relevant details and skills for a specific job application.

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