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A lot of times in applying for a new job, much of how people perceive us is through our projected confidence. The more confidence we can convey to other people, we are increasing our probabilities of being liked, and ultimately chosen for the job.

The road to showing your confidence begins with your resume! Introducing: the Donna Sawyer Resume! It is sleek, chic, and elegant. It is assured, strong, brave. It is the characters that represent who you really are.

The Donna Sawyer Resume’s combination of style and poise will help you get the dream job you want and help you achieve your goals! It is fully customizable, if you want to change the header color into something even softer, you can! Just head out to Microsoft Word and change the fill color! The skills bars? You can edit those too simply by dragging the bars! This resume template provides you with exactly what you need.

Simply tailor the Donna Sawyer Resume to what fits you, nail that interview, and go chase your dreams!

How Do I Work It?

  1. Download the ZIP file
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Open the Donna Sawyer Resume template in Microsoft Word.  The template is fully editable and easy to customize in Microsoft Word (Both on Windows or Mac)
  4. Start by saving the document with a new filename so that you always have a copy of the original file as a template
  5. Save as both .docx and .pdf
  6. Print out the pdf and/or share it online with your hiring manager

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