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Interview Tips

Congratulations! Someone has read your resume, perused through your cover letter, maybe talked to your references, and has decided that you would be the perfect fit for a career. The next step is an interview of some sort (phone, Skype, in person, group). Of course, being watched and evaluated is stressful, especially since a future job is on the line. So we have compiled some tips for all different types of interviews, and you’ll be ready to take on the world and get your dream job.

For any type interview….

  1. Research the company extensively. A very common interview question is “Why do you want to work here?.” If you offer a well-thought out answer besides “I want a job, and I think I am qualified for your particular job,” you are more likely to be positively remembered, and, therefore, hired.
  2. Research potential questions that could come up during your interview. That way, you can prepare your answers in advance.
  3. Research questions that you could ask the interviewer at the end. Asking questions shows investment in the job you are vying for.
  4. Write a thank you note for the person that interviewed you! Keep it brief, since recruiters are very busy and will not have time to read a novel. A thank you note can put you above other applicants competing for your spot. Make sure you send it within 24 hours of your interview, for politeness’ sake.

For a phone interview….

A phone interview might put yourself at ease. Your attire will not be evaluated; you are at a place where you are comfortable; you can have responses prepared for questions that you might be asked.

Something that you should keep in mind during your phone interview is to smile.  You will sound much more confident and assertive, and your voice will sound more natural. You should also try to remain calm when the interviewer takes long pauses to take notes; unlike a Skype or a traditional interviewer, you will be unable to read your interviewer’s face for his or her reactions. Just stay calm and confident.

For a Skype/Traditional interview….

Like the phone interview, if you are conducting a Skype interview you are in an area where you are comfortable. But you should treat your Skype interview exactly the same way as you would treat a traditional interview. Dress appropriately, maintain good posture and positive body language.

If you are in a traditional interview, it could not hurt to bring an extra copy of your resume, a pen, and a paper. That way, you can take notes when you ask the interviewer questions, and it shows foresight if your interviewer forgot to grab your resume out the door.

For a group interview….

Group interviews can be intense- you are surrounded by your competition. Arrive early and show that you are well-prepared for the interview. Also, while it might make sense to be competitive and rise above your competitors, it would be smart to cooperate with them, be friendly, and include them in discussion. It shows your future employers that you are easy to work with, and that you are a team-player.


You’re almost there! Good luck on your interview!

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