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Here’s 27 Of The Most Creative Resumes You’ll Ever See

The resume ideas on this list are some of the most creative around. I mean, these are the resumes which are going to get noticed. Obviously you should not be stealing any of these ideas, but hopefully looking at a few of the pictures will give you some ideas of your own.

1: Hershey’s Bar

hirsh bar cv

hirsh bar cv

This is one of my favorite ideas on this list. The guy behind this bar, one Matthew Hirsch, designed the packaging to include his qualifications and the like (the bar was renamed Hirschys for obvious reasons). As a recruiter I would take notice of this bar. Even if I did not like the applicant, I would end up with something rather tasty at the end.

2: Charlotte Allen

Charlotte Allen

The next resume up on our list comes from Charlotte Allen. This girl created a portfolio that looked exactly like a newspaper. It worked incredibly well for showing off her design skills. It also stood head and shoulders above everything else in that pile.

3: Creative Resume by Jahangir Alam Jisan

creative resume Jahangir Alam Jisan

In comparison to the other resumes on this list, this one is rather basic. That is why I like it. It is pretty close to the standard resume design, but it does just enough to stand out from the crowd with its gorgeous layout and beautiful icons.

4: QR Face

Curriculum Vitae with QR code

On one side of the paper, this was a normal resume. The other side was a picture of a guy’s face. The face was missing the mouth though, and instead had been replaced with a QR code. The idea was that you place your phone on the QR code and the mouth appears on the phone, and he talks you through the resume.

5: Facebook Page Resume

Facebook page resume

Everybody seems to be on social media nowadays, so why not leverage that with a top Facebook resume? You may even get discovered by people who you didn’t even apply for positions with!

6: Video cv

video C.V.

Graeme Anthony decided to ditch the idea of a printed resume. He went for the video option instead. It was slightly different to other video resumes though. You see; this video was fully interactive. It really helped him to get noticed.

7: Self-Promotional Poster

Self promo poster.

This resume was put together by Paula on Behance. As you can probably guess from the name, it designed to open as a poster. This poster showcases all of her design experience, and highlights a few of the projects that she has tackled too.

8: The Server Resume


Thought that being a food server was an easy job to get? Nope! There is a lot of competition out there and thus you need to do everything possible to stand out. This nifty little food server resume is designed to look like a notepad, and it is certain to get noticed in that pile.

9: Curriculum Vitae


This design comes from Anton Yermolov. As you can see from the picture, it is just a single sheet of paper, but it has been laid out incredibly well, and anybody who feasts their eyes upon this colourful marvel will be sure to remember it.

10: Curriculo Criativo

Samuel Profeta

This Curriculum was put together by Samuel Profeta. It is on a juice box. Probably not the easiest resume in the world to deliver, but it is guaranteed to get noticed.

11: Top Secret ‘Report’

top secret report



I love this resume package simply for the fact that it looks like a spy’s dossier. Who wouldn’t love to have this beautiful attempt land on their desk?

12: The Resume 2013

Colorful resume example

Sabatini 2

This resume, put together by Riccardo Sabatini, is a creative folded booklet design. It looks very much like a menu that you would pick up from a restaurant. It is brightly colored, and it is sure to get noticed as a result. Fantastic!

13: Keiquan Blackmon

Infographic graphic design resume

This resume is the perfect example of how you can make a resume look brilliant and yet still have it be easily readable. Everything is neatly laid out, and all of the right information is included, and yet it is going to get noticed. Also demonstrates that the person who sent in the resume has decent design skills.

14: Brennan Gleason

Brendon Gleason

I am unsure as to whether there is actually alcohol in those bottles. If there is, it is an even better design! Each bottle has a label with a different section of Brennan’s resume on it.

15: Hand Drawn Illustration by Rovoz Zhong

Hand Drawn Illustration

Simple design, and yet the hand-drawn illustrations really help to make it stand out. This is the style of resume I like. It is going to be pleasing on the eye after you have to go through countless pages of poorly formatted job applications.

16: Carlos Bedoya

Carlos Bedoya

This is not a resume design that I particularly liked at first. I thought it was a little too dark, but after looking at in depth, I can tell you know that this is a wonderfully designed application. Perfect for applying for a design job.

17: Rebecca Fisk

Curriculum Vitae on Behance Rebecca Fisk

Remember those little cards that you can use to help choose a color? Well, these cards are based around that idea. They come from a designer. Each card includes a sample of work that she has undertaken in the past.

18: Kamila Figura

Kamila Figora

I think this resume is perfect for those who are applying for a design job. It is wonderfully designed, and it looks exactly like the sort of thing you would expect to land through your door from a business. If Kamila wasn’t offered a job, I would be surprised.

19: Katie Pearson

Katie Pearson template

This is not just a resume, but a whole brand identity package. Notice how the resume, business card, and mailer, all share similar design aspects. That is exactly what you want when you are applying for a job. You want to create a brand for yourself.

20: S.W.

military theme

I am not sure where to begin with this resume, it is certainly extravagant. It has obviously been designed with a military theme in mind, and it looks brilliant as a result. If this guy was applying for a job, perhaps at a PR firm, then he has pretty much aced the interview.

21: Fabric Resume

sewed curriculum

Melissa Washin showed off her sewing skills with this resume, printed straight onto fabric.

22: Marketing Flow Chart

flow chart Craig Baute

Marketers love flow charts, so when Craig Baute was searching for a marketing job, he opted to make his resume a flow chart. I followed this resume through, every single option leads to hiring the guy. What more could a recruiter want?

23: Nicholas Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar job application

Nicolas credentials

Another chocolate bar resume here, not as creative as the first one on the list, but it is still a good way to get noticed.

24: Robby Leonardi

interactive robby leonardi

If you are applying for a job as a video game designer, you need examples in your portfolio. So why not create a resume video game? People have fun, and get to discover a little bit more about you at the same time!

25: Brian Moose

Brian Moose

Brian Moose 2

Brian applied to a film company, Pixar no less, a company which thrives on creativity, with his resume inside a film can. How could he possibly not be noticed?

26: Jordon McDonnell

Jordon McDonnell slideshow

This resume was a slide show, may seem a bit bland to you, but trust me, it hooks you from beginning to end.

27: Google Maps Resume

google maps work example

This resume, from a copywriter, showed on a map exactly where he obtained his experience. Simple, and yet highly effective.

Comments (2)

Beth says:
January 05, 2016 - 23:50 - Reply

I am looking for an opportunity to work for and with an employer seeking a dedicated, dependable, creative employee with a love of people, proven ability to build strong, long lasting relationships through top notch communications skills (written/verbal), warm, caring, sunshiny personality, ability to handle confidential matters, independent, team player, creative, public/community relations, public and motivational speaking, ability to train and mentor. Seeking a company welcoming a mature, experienced individual with proven expertise, and offering mutually rewarding relationship.

I have gotten offers from mostly financial (banks) and insurance companies with my present resume. How can I get creative to promote that which I have to offer. I am a mature woman with a great deal to offer.

    Paul @Resumeshoppe says:
    January 06, 2016 - 15:39 - Reply

    Thanks for commenting Beth! It’s hard to come up with creative ideas without knowing what you’re looking for exactly.

    As a general tip I can say: Think outside the box! A good example of outside-the-box-thinking is what Nina Muffleh did with her Airbnb resume.

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